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not my words...they're lovely, but not mine.

not my words.they're lovely, but not mine.

seriously though! some people are so stupid saying these girls are ugly! Elanor, Danielle and Perrie and the most gorgeous and beautiful girls in the whole entire world! and if anyone calls them ugly they are simply jealous of them. They are perfect in every single way and I would kill to look like them and have the amazing personalities that they have! You go girls!

I mean Eleanor is so gorgeous not to mention sweet and smart she's just all around fabulouis! Plus shes dating Louis. SO WANT TO BE HER!

Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder have the best relationship! Perfect couple ever!(but we thought the same thing with Liam and Danielle)

Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder have the best relationship! Perfect couple ever! Louis is so adorable. And Eleanor is so beautiful.

True, I absolutely love Eleanor

All of the girlfriends, Eleanor, Perrie, Sophia, even Danielle when Liam and her were dating.

"''Love Actually'' #PopcornTime Xx PS: #FollowSpree soon! :D x" - @Eleanor Smith Calder

"''Love Actually'' Xx PS: soon! :D x" - Smith Smith Smith Smith Calder


Eleanor Calder, i just love her she has a great fashion style and she's really pretty overall she looks like a really nice, funny person:)

Danielle and Eleanor :) I miss Danielle so much :( no hate to Sophia though.

Danielle and Eleanor at MSG. I will always consider Danielle as one of the girlfriends. I kinda miss Payzer, but I love Sophiam!

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She is so gorgeous. If you don't think so, than you're just a jealous hater

Don't hate her because she has something you want. She deserves only love, support, and respect. Smith Smith Smith Calder I love you babe!