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Has the lady considered that perhaps she has exhausted the daily supply of fucks she has to give?


I forgot my wallet in the oven

12 Brutally Honest Charts That People Who Hate People Will Understand - Remember the time you met an old high-school friend at the supermarket? How about that evening when a co-worker sat next to you on the bus? IceTr...

28 Things Everyone Has Done But Would Never Admit

Everyone has had second thoughts, but I could never bring myself to spend 130 at one store at one time, gotta spread it out

24 Pictures That Make Way Too Much Sense If You Drive

Squirts wiper fluid, squirts wiper fluid... The worst was when the window and door latches froze and wouldn't let me out. "I'm sorry I was late to class. I was locked inside my car" Don't you mean outside. "Nope."

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