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Well actually Runners High and Stoners High are kind of the same thing. A 2003 study found that #exercise actually activates the #endocannabinoid system in the same way that the #cannabis plant does. The endocannabinoid system is a group of #lipids (types of fats) and cell receptors that cannabinoids (compounds like #THC and #CBD) bind to inside the body. Its responsible for easing #pain controlling #appetite and influences #mood and #memory. #RunningOnReefer #CannabisKeepsMeActive…

Meir's milky eyes stared at the swelling landscape. She dropped her hand into the water. "One swell two. Ocean blue. Three swell four. Count some more. Five swell six--" Then it appeared. Tall as three of Meir's coral core boards, menacing as a shark fin. Meir stood with the ease of practice, slid her back foot until she saw the tip of her board rise from the water. Then she waited for the impact.

Small One Hitter Stone Glass Peace Pipe, Crystal Handmade Festival Smoking Pipe, Ceremonial Bone Natural Art

Couples that smoke together, stay together #cannabiscommunity #420friendly…

Jewelry, smoking accessories and clothing handmade in Los Angeles! Perfect for every stoner chick;). I instantly fell in love. Please select link to purchase or look through their page. You will not regret it Girls!!!!! 420 everyday

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The Best Period Costumes On TV

That '70s ShowWhen it came to teenage style in the '70s, this beloved comedy made sure to depict stoner ease in exactly the way you hope your parents dressed — in denim bell-bottoms, psychedelic prints, and feathery hair. #refinery29