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Black Horse with Fred Winter - Ref: 181-05 - A4 size

Black Horse with Fred Winter - Ref: - size

Hercules fighting the Nemean lion - Peter Paul Rubens He's a fantastic artist anyways

Hercules Fighting the Nemean Lion, Peter Paul Rubens: Badass work.I only wish he had painted Hercules on the cat's back, sinking in a Rear-naked instead of a Guillotine.

stop racism

Is this poster problematic? Is racism literally a black and white issue? Is this poster a variation on other images that we see (black and white handshake?) What is the impact of these images? Is the message the most important part?

~Ву: ♛jusт ʙɛauтʏ♡ ≫[Infinitybabe01]≪

QOTD : whats ur favorite disney character? AOTD: my favorite disney princess is rapunzel, Elsa and Merida and favourite other stuff is stich and MALIFICANT!

Peter Paul Rubens, San Giorgio e il drago, Olio su tela, 1605-1607.

Peter Paul Rubens St George Fighting the Dragon, , Museo del Prado, Madrid. Read more about the symbolism and interpretation of St George Fighting the Dragon by Peter Paul Rubens.

I want a print of this for my room... Fernando Vicente. Gorgeously done.

There is something so disturbingly beautiful about these. Human Anatomy by Fernando Vicente.

not using makeup feels like not wearing pants. This is true & sad. If u defend makeup as an art form then it should be used by and more advertized to men too. But it's not so...

What do we do to ourselves, to our self-image and confidence, and self-esteem? Rise above.e perfectly plucked eyebrows , contoured face .