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Wow! Almost at the end of term and for me, the last day of work before the new year. And hasn’t it been a year? This time last year I had a vision for a book that I hoped would go down well. I had a p

The branding process can feel overwhelming for some. This post helps clear up what goes into creating, defining & designing a brand. It's super helpful and concise.

MSI MIND Live 1/17/2017 - Paycation Massive Team Build

MSI MIND Live 1/17/2017 - Paycation Massive Team Build

The MSI Concept Overview

The MSI Concept Overview


Don't Stress about your Eyesight failing as you get Older. It's Natures way of Protecting you from Shock as you Walk Past the Mirror, in Horror!

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Eye Exclamations Smiley

This smiley will help you express your surprise, shock, amazement--any exuberant emotion you feel.

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