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Two men Removing Nails From Studs

How to add drywall and metallic trim to garage walls.

Check out these 29 amazing garages showcasing 29 garage storage ideas. Also, 3 must-see garage man cave ideas (incredible).

29 Garage Storage Ideas (Plus 3 Garage Man Caves)

There's plenty of storage space for the entire family in this garage filled with tall cabinets with Lucite doors. A mudroom corner gives a neat finish for the overall room.

Stuff happens, we wont ask why theres a hole in your drywall, but we will give you a step by step on how to get it patched up! Click to view the how-to video, and see step by step insructions.

How to repair large drywall cracks

When it gets cold outside, mice seek warmth and food, and your garage often offers both. If your garage is attached to your house, once in your garage, mice can easily enter the rest of your home. ...

How to Seal Around Garage Doors for Mouse Proofing

The rust appearing on the bottom of your garage door is more than unattractive; left unattended, the rust can eat through your metal garage door and leave holes. These holes can damage the structural .

16 Brilliant DIY Garage Organization Ideas

We love these 16 DIY garage organization ideas! Check them out now to get your garage storage problems solved.

How to Mud and Tape Drywall Ceilings : Step 1 Applying Taping

How to Mud and Tape Drywall Ceilings : Step 1 Applying Taping

How to insulate your garage

How To Insulate Your Garage - Insulation Projects - Garage Insulation

Organize your garage by using the space between your garage doors to make a DIY sports ball holder.

DIY Sports Ball Holder

How to organize your garage. This DIY sport ball holder will help you to be able to organize your garage. Need to organize your garage? This DIY sports ball holder uses space between the garage doors to organize your space.

Making a garage into living space

Garage Remodel Tips

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Garage with storage above parking spaces