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16. Millie Jackson | Community Post: 21 Painfully Awkward Band Photos

15 Creepiest Old Album Covers (Worst Album Covers, Bad Album Covers, Awful Album Covers, Creppy Album Covers, Old Album Covers) - ODDEE

All I can say is the guy on the far right looks a little too much like Dustin Hoffman, could this have been a pre-cursor to Tootsie?

This band:

The 27 Most Painfully Awkward Band Photos Of All Time

Si los dos componentes más altos ya son un exponente del cutrerío más hortera, el personaje del centro es una incógnita. ¿Es un montaje fotográfico? Si no es así, ¿de dónde le sale la pierna que alza?, porque hago cálculos y ,o bien carece de cadera y la pierna le nace directamente del torso,  o no me cuadra nada..., en fin un cutre-misterio por desvelar

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Image from http://i.imgur.com/1lrgyPr.jpg.:

Nothing screams 'Electronic' like a half-naked girl's squeeze box! ~~ The Worst Bad Album Cover Art ~~ Dan Hill Electronic

This album probably rules...

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In honour of the Church of England's women bishops disaster, here's "God's Chosen Puppet", a Christian album released in the last Stone Age (thanks: Christian Nightmares).

Oh dear, seems like Skillet and Leroy have gotten themselves into another fine mess...

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