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If you love florals then you will love our Mariell quilted bedding! Add accessories to finish off the look your desiring for your room with rugs, curtains, and a bed skirt. #primitivecountrybedroomsbeddingandaccessories

Maddox Queen Bed Skirt

Finish your bedding ensemble off with our Maddox Queen Bed Skirt! #primitivecountrybedroomsbeddingandaccessories

Westport Log Cabin Twin Quilt

Finish off your bedding ensemble with our Napa Valley Twin Bed Skirt! #primitivecountrybedroomsbeddingandaccessories

Westport Log Cabin Twin Quilt

Our Lewiston Twin Bed Skirt would be the perfect finishing touch to your bedding ensemble and make your room look more complete. #primitivecountrybedroomsbeddingandaccessories

Elysee Twin Bed Skirt

Pair our Elysee Twin Bed Skirt with our Elysee quilted bedding ensemble for a more completed look. #primitivecountrybedroomsbeddingandaccessories

Westport Log Cabin Twin Quilt

Give your room a fresh update with our Isabella quilted bedding in a floral print with gorgeous reds and teal colors. #primitivecountrybedroomsbeddingandaccessories

Solid Khaki King Bed Skirt

Use our Solid Khaki King Bed Skirt with one of our quilted bedding ensembles or and existing one. It will give your room a completed look. #primitivecountrybedroomsbeddingandaccessories

Add our Jackson Fabric Pillow 16" Filled to your Jackson quilted bedding collection or purchase for your living room couch. #primitivecountrybedroomsbeddingandaccessories

Don't wait until Summer or Fall to give your room a fresh look. Memorial Day is just around the corner and it's as good of an excuse as any to give your bedroom an update. If you love stars and the American look, you will love all of the beautiful quilted collections that PSQS has to offer. Jump on over to to have a look see! #primitivecountrybedroomsbeddingandaccessories

Beacon Hill Twin Bed Skirt

Our Beacon Hill Twin Bed Skirt is very versatile and is lovely when paired with our Beacon Hill quilted bedding. #primitivecountrybedroomsbeddingandaccessories