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Hahaha...Gov. Christy allowed us to be able to make money shoving snow without a license...yay!!

How to cook a turkey, how to change a front end lightbulb, how to switch careers, how to make friends as an adult... Yep, that last one is sad but true

Seriously not even 3 days later, and my boards already erased!!!??? There wasn't even anything bad on it? Whoever reported it. You must really have NO LIFE! Pretty sure its the same person as before.

I’m hoping every individual on this planet understands that perspective is not what you see with the physical eye, but what you choose to see with your mind’s eye & what you decide to put into your…

"Kinda comes with the title. " the girl said her eyes dark. "What title?" I scoffed. "Pretty thing like you gotta have a bad attitude to counteract? Tell me sweet, what is your title?" She looked up at me through her brown hair. "Deaths daughter."