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I grew up with Sesame Street and I'm 11 but most of my friends didn't do I'm just like Sesame Street and everyone else is like NOOOO


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And then you drive 15 minutes to your best friends house, let yourself in, pour yourself a glass of milk, and sit down for breakfast... Then when you're all done, you text them a picture of your empty glass so they know you're there.

Even at this age of instant information, there are just so many fascinating facts that we know nothing about, some of them challenging what we think we knew, while others just very surprising to read! Here are 22 fascinating little nuggets that you m


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DJ's boyfriend in Full House is the voice of Aladin. :) Sometimes he'll have an apple or bread in the show, and I can't help but smile. In the episode when they go to Disney Land, he dresses up AS Aladin, which the producers did purposly as a joke. :)