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Removing 'cancer' from the terminology used for many slow-growing lesions in the breast, prostate, lung, skin and other body areas could ease patients' fears and reduce the inclination of doctors to treat them aggressively, says a panel of experts.

Heart attacks most common death cause in middle-aged men-getting regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, not smoking, and controlling blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Sheryl Crow: rock ’n’ roller, mom, early-detection cancer screening advocate. The last description she couldn’t imagine before her own breast cancer diagnosis. Like so many of us, she thought of herself as healthy. Now that she’s been cancer-free for a decade, Crow is on a mission to help other women, who often put themselves at the bottom of their to-do list, take care of their health and thrive. Crow is working on a new album with Stevie Nicks, Willie Nelson and others but makes time to…

Within 24 hours of having a mammogram on the new machine, Stillwater Mayor…

Breast Cancer Screenings As a doctor, I am charged with improving and protecting the health of my patients. No one doubts my mandate. But a Washington task force is doing its level best to make the job harder and jeopardize the lives of women.

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