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Omfg i know this isn't really about Michael but I thought it was funny lol >>> I loved this concert!!!<<< I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! AAAAHHHH!!!

Why does everything with somehow connect to old Disney shows?<<<because they're basically living Disney characters

Happy birthday Michael!!!!

Like this each one is a prayer for Michael. Mikey needs to see this so plz help me get this to him!

Hey guys I need more 5sos board please invite me for a shout out

" "That's the new guy Luke, stay away from him" "Why?" "I heard he unplugs lamps out of anger" << that comment im actually dying

Michael Clifford

omf can I just say this is like my favorite picture of Micheal like ever

I got Michael Clifford! Which 5SOS Member Is Actually Your Soulmate?

Which 5SOS Member Is Actually Your Soulmate?

Which 5 Seconds Of Summer Member Is Actually Your Soulmate? You got: Michael Clifford Congrats! Michael Clifford is your soulmate.

And here is a Michael in his natural habitat. <3 Hair color for life<3 Michael Clifford <3 5 Seconds Of Summer 5SOS

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He makes me happy and smiley

ok, i feel really bad for laughing at the vine of michael falling but c'mon he's such a dork, i couldnt help it. poor kitten sprained his ankle though, so he cant jump much at the moment ;

Hahahahaha holy hell! This is why you don't mess with the 5sos fam! xD @picklelove01<< Yes

This is why you don't mess with the fam! xD Yes<<<< don't mess with us.