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piercings... engagement ring!!!!!!! No

14 Of The Weirdest Engagement Rings

engagement rings - As one of the most exciting rites of passage a person can partake in, weddings can often get a little crazy. This list of innovative engagement rin.

My Little Star

Dermal Punch Star Shaped Piercing: LOL yeah , NOT , wtf is this ugly thing

Rising Stars of Modern Piercing: the Finger Piercing

Rising Stars of Modern Piercing: the Finger Piercing

Engagement Rings On Different Fingers 17

A new Dutch fashion trend.  Cosmetic surgery.  It's called "eyeball" jewelry. That heart is actually  a piece of jewelry inserted into the membrane of the eye.

Pierced Eyewear

Body modification goes to a new extreme; Eyeball jewelry and tattooed teeth

Extreme Piercing -

Wolverine It takes a special someone to conceive of a piercing thats just as painful for themselves as it must be for their friends.

Leg Corset Piercing I did on the Tv show Tattoos After Dark

Leg corset piercings that Chris Saint did on “Tattoos After Dark“ show on Oxygen? it's freaking adorable!

Finger Dermal peircing....If only I didnt use my hand so much beauty

If only I didn't use my hand so much.hmmmmmm i like it but it looks painful

Microdermal ring implant anchor

Microdermal ring implant anchor for engagement ring idk kinda awesome looking

I hate dermals. Period. Sorry, it's not a personal insult to those that have them. It's just my feeling. Just because you can cut into yourself doesn't mean ya should.

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Green is usually gangrene. one reason i am NOT a fan of dermals

So I totally understand how most people think they're gonna be married forever , but the first time you sideswipe your hand... ouch.  Just ouch.

Commitment ouch seriously I'm in pain just looking at this


Disgusting Creepy Weird Photo Gallery sheCHIVE on imgfave

The ultimate engagement ring. Pierced into the finger?????????? OMG!

As awesome as this is (and it is freaking incredible) I have to pass xD haha god damn this would hurt like hell!

Maybe something like this should be my first. Make sure it won't reject. Still losing weight so gotta wait a bit before getting them anywhere else. Except maybe the back of the ear.

microdermal implant on the finger

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This post covers the basic knowledge that you should know if contemplating a dermal piercing. The pros and cons of dermal piercing as well as 10 great ideas