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You know what fear is....

There is nothing to fear but ....

YES I played this all the time when I was like 8 and had a mini heart attack every time

My dad is a lawyer funny memes meme lol funny quote funny quotes humor

Oh jeez, so true. There were a lot of guys I graduated high school with that had fathers who were lawyers. They dressed like this. Also, in college, frat boys.

I am a Phoenician living in the SUMMER with HUMIDITY BECAUSE IT'S MONSOON SEASON and I can personally attest to this.

Yes, It’s That Time Of The Year Again

A fate worse than death: | 23 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Relationship With Food

A fate worse than death:

once I was at the concession stand at my pool, and one of the people that was running it was one of my neighbors. I ordered a PB&J, and once I got it, the end of the bread was on it. I screamed in the concession stand, "I DEMAND A REFUND!