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basket woven hat , Apatani Arunachel Pradesh India (archives sold Singkiang)

African Rendille woman wearing a mud hat, Kenya

Rare basket headdress with mica inlay and painting, fabric, from Suluwesi Indonesia late 19th c (archives sold Singkiang)

India | Adi Pailebo woman's adornment details | Arunachal Pradesh | ©Frans Devriese

Each hill tribe has its own distinctive hat to identify themselves. Peru Andes Travel Local Native Culture Cultural Experiences

**Arunachal Pradesh : Wanghoo, Bugun. India

india - nagaland Lower Konyak Naga tribe.

Details from the traditional woven rattan hats worn by the Nishi tribe men, often adorned with hornbill feathers and beak. | Image credit Rita Willaert, photo taken in Ziro/Hapoli, Arunachal Pradesh Tezpur, Assam, India.

India - Nagaland | Konyak Naga people at Wakching village