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And then his good mood is ruined when he slips falls and hurts himself seriously you don't dance in the shower

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Ok but seriously chanyeol has so many  talents if u didn't know. Rapping, singing, acting, piano, guitar, drums, being tol (yes, im counting this as a talent), etc.

- Tbt, anyways I'm still sad over Taehyun so Ima watch half moon friends see ya -

When you genuinely make that face.....

OH MY GOD ME. I once almost gave a girl behind me a heart attack when I heard her mention KPOP<<<really? I would be way to shy to react in any way possible

Isn't that Jhonny? (⊙_☉).

I trusted him with me heart and he broke it so I can vouch for them

For me ksoo looks like a struggling writer looking for inspiration

Honestly if I was Sehun's gf I wouldn't even want the grande decaf soy vanilla latte at 124 degrees.I'd be hype just spending time with him.the caffeine would not be necessary ❤️❤️❤️ -

#need this for next monday

yo, finals are on for me, aka tomorrow, EXAM JONGIN please bless me with high scores