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My goal

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You're thoughts are so so powerful!

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought again.

Weight Loss Tip: Celebrate Small Goals!

your Not A Dog You Should Never Reward Yourself With Food!But Hell Rewarding Myself With New Clothes! Best Advice Yet!

There's something wrong with me, I read "stop holding onto what hurts" and didn't even finish before adding "and rub my feet"... WHAAA?! Idk where it came from!

"Stop Holding on to What Hurts, and Make Room for What Feels Good." More words to live by.

Tickled #479: Nerd? We prefer the term, Intellectual Badass.

Tickled : Treat this silo of chuckles as an oasis you can visit when the world gets you down.

It starts with you!

PASSION is my favorite word. Nothing is more important than passion. Whatever you plan to pursue in life, whatever you do … be passionate about it.