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French Mechanical Toy "Sultan Riding a Camel"---wearing original silk Sultan's costume and turban, leather boots. When wound, the camel rises and moves up and down in a vigorous manner, and the Sultan bobs back and forth. French, circa 1880, maker unknown of the series of amusing "jumping animal" keywind toys, some made with animal only, and others with a bisque rider; another example with Spanish rider on a horse had an original box label "Le Picador Exposition Universelle Paris 1878"…

19" Children Riding the Carousel Mechanical Toy~~~four riding horses. Upon each horse is posed a seated bisque doll with glass eyes, closed mouth, paper mache arms and legs, and original 1900's era costume. The roof is decorated with metal braid fringe, three glass globes, and medallion stars and circles, and the roof is of a red and white striped cotton. When wound, the dolls merrily ride around and around. Circa 1900.

The cone "skirt" hides an internal mechanism,which when wound,causes the dolls to twirl,glide and "waltz" in a realistic manner,while music plays. Superb and rare early automata whose elegant movements are rivaled by stunningly beautiful faces and original elaborate costumes,with provenance.

Mechanical Waltzing Lady by Vichy 18" An elegant lady is posed standing upon a metal wheeled base that is hidden by her skirt. When wound,she glides forward,then twirls to the side,then repeats in a graceful manner,while alternately fanning herself or appearing to admire floral bouquet. Vichy,circa 1870,the waltzing lady was considered one of the firm's most desirable parlor luxuries.

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Animal Automata

Tippoo's Tiger is one of the Victoria & Albert Museum’s most quirky and popular exhibits. It was made for Tipu Sultan, ruler of Mysore in South India (1782-1799) and consists of a tiger mauling a prostrate figure in European clothes. An organ is concealed inside the tiger's body, and when a handle at the side is turned, the organ can be played and the man's arm simultaneously lifts up and down. Intermittent noises are supposed to imitate the wails of the dying man.

This extra fine carved Ayres horse has always been called Trigger - his owner was given him new in 1931 and she had been inspired by seeing a western show in London featuring Roy Rogers and his famous horse Trigger ( the original Trigger was a palomino.) This horse was dapple grey originally but he and the stand have been overpainted and I haven't looked yet to see if there is any lettering under the paint on the stand. We think he was from bought from Harrods

So many great cast iron toys and mechanical banks I'm trying to put up in my Etsy shop. But this time I was PHOTO BOMBED by my beautiful cat Black Jack. :) Check out my antique mechanical banks and horse drawn wagon toys! More to come soon!!!!