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French Mechanical Toy "Sultan Riding a Camel"---wearing original silk Sultan's costume and turban, leather boots. When wound, the camel rises and moves up and down in a vigorous manner, and the Sultan bobs back and forth. French, circa 1880, maker unknown of the series of amusing "jumping animal" keywind toys, some made with animal only, and others with a bisque rider; another example with Spanish rider on a horse had an original box label "Le Picador Exposition Universelle Paris 1878"…

Sonneberg Bisque Jester with Bellows Torso for Clapping Cymbals --Marks: 59/3. Comments: Sonneberg, circa 1885, maker unknown. Value Points: unusual and appealing character expression, original (frail) silk jester costume, working bellows in torso which, when squeezed, cause the jester to clap the cymbals which he holds.

9"- Early Painted Tin Mechanical "Polichinelle"~~~wearing original costume. When wound, he leans to and fro, waving his baton. Circa 1900.~~~~

12"- French Mechanical Toy "Little Girl Walking Her Doll" by Vichy~~Comments: Vichy, Paris, circa 1875, when the attached Vichy key is wound, the girl is designed to walk briskly along, thus pushing the carriage. Value Points: the rare toy presents a charming scene, each doll wearing its original well-detailed silk costume, with beautiful faces, perfect bisque hands on lady.

10" All-Original French Mechanical Toy "Little Girl in Cart" with Nodding Head Donkey~~~The cart is being pulled by a paper mache donkey with black bead eyes, nodding attached head, leather harness, and one small wheel beneath. When wound, the cart moves forward, and the little girl moves her body back and forth as though urging the nodding head donkey forward. attributed to Vichy, circa 1880. Value Points: the enchanting toy is perfectly preserved, stored in original box from Au Bon Marche

11" Early French Mechanical Glidin...Marks: Vichy a Paris. Comments: Vichy, Paris, circa 1850. Value Points: when wound, the elegant lady glides forward and circles while turning her head and lifting arms alternately; especially beautiful coiffure and original costume.

French Paper Mache Mechanical "Girl with Flowers" Attributed to Theroude~~~~11"wearing original elaborate aqua silk dress with lace and ribbon trim and matching bonnet, and carries a small bouquet of flowers. When wound, the wheeled hidden platform glides forward and in circles, while the girl turns her head briskly from side to side and moves her arms up and down. Comments: attributed to Theroude, Paris, circa 1850.

31"- French Musical Mechanical Blac.. When wound, he moves his head in a complicated manner, his lower lip opens and closes, eyelids open and close, and he strums the banjo, while musical tunes play. Comments: Vichy, circa 1890, the automaton, deposed by Gustav Vichy, appeared as model 410 in the Vichy catalog. Value Points: the luxury automaton has wonderful details of mouth and eyelids, and is wearing fine original costume.

37"~"Piano Watteau" by Vichy, Bisque Portrait Head, Hands ~~When the automaton is wound and lever released, the lady moves her hands across the top of the keyboard as though performing, turns her head, and "breathes" as though in awe of her own beautiful music. Four tunes play. Condition: generally excellent, early and fine restoration of painting and costume with antique fabrics and materials, mechanism and music function well. Marks: Depose Tete Jumeau 10 (and artist checkmarks on head).

French Mechanical Pull-Toy "Merry Twins with Garland of Bells"--When pulled along, the dolls wave their arms up and down, ringing the garland of bells they hold. Condition: mechnaism functions well, one doll has crack and reglue on one side of face. Marks: 179 2/0 (dolls). Comments: for the French market, circa 1890. Value Points: the charming mechanical toy is all original, the twin brothers wearing their factory-original costumes.