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1. Pull Your Hair Back. 2. Wash your hands thoroughly before you wash your face, else you will be working dirt into your skin. 3. Splash water on your face. Always rinse with tepid, not cold water; also avoid hot water. 3. Apply a cleanser or soap using gentle, circular motions. Use your finger tips not your palms. 4. Thoroughly rinse away the soap. Cleanser residue can clog pores and attract dirt. 5. With a soft, clean towel, gently pat your face, follow it with a moisturizer face

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Rainbow Fruit Ice Cubes

Rainbow fruit ice cubes - a fun way to get kids drinking water this summer - fab for parties and BBQs too - Eats Amazing UK

Looking at the various colours that could potentially be used in a reflective surface for elements of the pillar.

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Stunning Low-Budget Container Gardens

Ocean Water Drink Recipe | Make a splash at your luau with your own Ocean Water drink. With just two simple ingredients, this kid-friendly party drink is the perfect way to make waves at your luau. #luau

Go swimming! Seriously! Not only is swimming a relaxing activity, it also has a host of health benefits.

Inspired by the amazing swimmers you're seeing on TV? Find out how you can use swimming strokes to target your workout goals.

Food Favourites of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). For Details and Hajj&Umrah…

My heart...beaten and battered by waves of grief...somehow, always remains just intact enough to continuously ache and remember you...

david hockney - a bigger splash 1967, photography by richard kolker 2011