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Media Silent as Anti-Corporate Trade Deal Protests Take Europe by Storm

Media Silent as Anti-Corporate Trade Deal Protests Take Europe by Storm - The Fringe News

‘TTIP appears to be dead. People power wins. For now.’ The transatlantic trade deal TTIP may be dead, but something even worse is coming, by George Monbiot in the Guardian, 6 Sept 2016; Governments and corporate lobbyists keep inventing new ways to embed privatisation and circumvent democracy – in this case, the Canada-EU deal

A no entry sign against the TTIP free trade agreement in Frankfurt, Germany.

The United States government finally acknowledged the harmful effects that fluoride has on the body, and recommends that water fluoridation levels be decreased nationwide.  Water fluoridation has been in effect in the United States for over 65 years.

Fluoride - an extremely neurotoxic chemical added to drinking water, that interrupts the basic function of nerve cells in the brain, causing docile submissive behaviour and devastating IQ damage.

Ah, how perfect, if no one has access to water we would all have to buy Nestle's little bottles!

He wants to privatize the water supply because he's a greedy, lying, hateful man.

BBC coverage ‘strongly biased against Brexit,’ independent inquiry finds surprize surprize!!!!

BBC accused of anti-independence bias after editing out Salmond’s reply to ‘bank exodus’ question

She's quoted as saying you need to have a private and public opinion on policy.

Energy Transfer Partners, the company responsible for construction of the hotly contentious Dakota Access Pipeline, has another controversial pipeline project with the potential to contaminate drin…


BBC whips up anti-Russia hysteria to apocalyptic levels

Thursday, May 25, 2017: 	Jared Kushner's Meetings With Russian Officials Have Come Under FBI Scrutiny, Reports Say

Jared Kushner is under FBI scrutiny, new report alleges

The Jared Kushner – Russia Story Sounds Like No Big Deal Outside Trump Derangement Syndrome

. Monsanto suppresses information about dangers of RNA interference technology

Brave New World.Genetic scientists call for government regulation of genome editing before it's too late