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I love how its ptv when it's Mexican food // this belongs on 3 boards. music, because ptv. food, because burritos. and photography, because eye. i think i'll put it on food just to confuse people as to why there's an eye on my food board.

Green Colored Contacts

freaky eye contacts, colored contact lenses and coloured contacts, non prescription contacts so buy color contact lenses today

Opti-Chromakinesis - Power to change eye colors of oneself or others.

♥ Cute Eyes - {Photoshopped} ♥ ~ Dedicated to .Poo, Simmo, Sahana & Berri - Page 2 - SantaBanta Forums

Eye Photography, Blue Eyes, Doodles, Doodle, Zentangle

GEO Super Angel Blue 14.8mm circle eye contacts. Authentic products from GEO medical in South Koea only at EyeCandy's

GEO Super Angel Blue

Inspired by the alluring glow of an angel's halo, these Super Angel circle contact lenses have an intricate, vibrantly colored pattern for an exquisite look.

Selfie Eye Colour and Face Makeover Change your color or add galaxy,... ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring beauty products, makeup, eye makeup, eyes, beauty, eyebrow makeup, eye brow makeup, eyebrow cosmetics and brow makeup

Selfie Eye Colour and Face Makeover Change your color or add galaxy, wild cat and rainbow contact lenses then add lashes, liner and eyebrows

Rainbow Contact Lenses Prescription and Nonprescription, Where to Buy... ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring accessories

Have you considered trying a rainbow eye makeup? Well, some rainbow contact lenses can really make y

EOS Candy Magic King Size Green Colored Contacts Circle Lenses

EOS Candy Magic King Size Color Circle Contact Lenses go wonderfully with gyaru dolly eye makeup. Top off with a pair of dramatic false lashes for a cute, sweet look!