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History of Celtic Design Tattoos

The history of Celtic design tattoos involves influences from several different cultures. The Celtic knot tradition inspired the intricate tattoo designs we see today. Celtic knots were created by the Celts from Ireland, Wales and other countries in.

Punishing the Seven Deadly Sins: Punishing Greed and the Greedy

Punishing the Seven Deadly Sins

Religious authorities today seem to rarely condemn how the rich in the…

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Woodcut of St. George slaying the dragon, Alexander Barclay, 1515 [Public Domain], via Wikipedia

Dantes-Inferno.jpg (750×1043)

paysagemauvais: “ Ilustration for Dante’s ‘Inferno’, Engraving. Full: Front Dante’s ‘Inferno’; in the centre Lucifer torturing several damned souls, some of whom are named.

Angry people, those guilty of committing the deadly sin of anger, will be punished in hell by being dismembered of alive. I don't see any connection between the sin of anger and the punishment of dismemberment, unless it's that dismembering a person is something an angry person would do. It also seems rather strange that people will be dismembered 'alive' when they must necessarily be dead when they get to hell. Don't you still have to be alive in order to be dismembered alive?

Punishing the Seven Deadly Sins

Punishing the Seven Deadly Sins: Punishing Anger and the Angry

Christian teaching against pride encourages people to be submissive to religious authorities in order to submit to God, thus enhancing church power. There need not be anything necessarily wrong with pride because pride in what one does can often be justified. There is certainly no need to credit any gods for the skills and experience that one has to spend a lifetime developing and perfecting; Christian arguments to the contrary serve the purpose of denigrating human life and human abilities.

Punishing the Seven Deadly Sins

Punishing the Seven Deadly Sins: Punishing Pride and the Prideful

This Satan is all, "I don't need this shit. Come on, Susan, we're off."

22 Medieval Satans Who Are Just Having A Really Bad Day

The Devil on horseback Illustrations from the Nuremberg Chronicle, by Hartmann Schedel