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British Saladin Armoured Personnel Carrier Panzer Museum Munster

British Saladin Armoured Personnel Carrier Panzer Museum Munster

Panzer´s IV Ausf.H , Panzer Lehr Division 1

A abandoned Panzer IV tank left in great condition that likely ran out of fuel or had a mechanical break down to be that intact.

StuG drags a sled of infantry somewhere near Leningrad.

A Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III) Ausf. G (Sd.Kfz pulling a sleigh load of soldiers who lying in firing position

military tank land Don't get me wrong I like Marvel but I like DC a lot more and it's high time they came out of hiding and started kicking ass.. http://www.moneymonkeyanmore.com/

How to draw a tank - How to draw a motorbike - how to draw a Jeep - warfare - vehicle drawing reference sheet


E series tanks were designed to share common parts.war ended before they could be realized, The number designation represented the was the lightest, the heaviest.

King Tiger, unknown unit, ambush camouflage pattern, Germany, april 1945.

The Königstiger was probably the best tank of the war both in protection and firepower.

This blue Grey would be a nice compliment to the desert for a few ramshackle pieces welded on.

German Panzer III, probably the most important german tank in WW 2

BAD JUJU from the past

German tanks of world war II(The top 2 heavy tank was never made), pin by Paolo Marzioli

Stu.G III все модификации

Stu.G III все модификации

US M109 Paladin, Self propelled 155mm

This Paladin self-propelled howitzer fires 155 millimeter rounds, the sound of which can trigger the "fight-or-flight" response of the sympathetic nervous system. Some people may "jump" when hearing the loud noise.

Leopard 2 MBT Revolution(Desert Tone)

Leopard 2 MBT Revolution(Desert) Model available on Turbo Squid, the world's leading provider of digital models for visualization, films, television, and games.