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Funny pictures about Johnny Depp and his many faces. Oh, and cool pics about Johnny Depp and his many faces. Also, Johnny Depp and his many faces photos.

Johnny Deep

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I love seeing idiots put in their place

Gay marriage is a sin

Funny pictures about Gay marriage is a sin. Oh, and cool pics about Gay marriage is a sin. Also, Gay marriage is a sin photos.

Hmmm, Dark Shadows, Sweeney Todd, there is a pattern here!

Me neither.

Johnny Depp & Tim Burton's wife, Helena Bonham Carter in Dark Shadows- "I don't know what that means"

Ha, I love this scene! <3 POTC: The Curse of the Black Pearl

"But why is the rum gone?" XD〖 Disney Pirates of the Caribbean POTC Captain Jack Sparrow Elizabeth Swann rum gone funny quote 〗

That perfect smile...

That perfect smile...


I love their rivalry and how it's gone from arch nemesis, battle to the death to now being petty five year olds who pick on each other and get the other one into trouble constantly.

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Johnny Depp describing when Robert Downey Jr. came to dinner and Johnny's son, Jack, was in awe of Iron Man! THAT IS AWESOME!

Oh Johnny Depp  love ya babe

" He wanted to be a pirate". I need Jack Sparrow and Sherlock to meet one day. Maybe once Sherlock meets the Doctor he can finally go back in time to become a pirate, ( and to meet Jack Sparrow)