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Funny pictures about Just Friends. Oh, and cool pics about Just Friends. Also, Just Friends.

Distribution pillow http://themarketresearcheventblog.iirusa.com/2012/09/taking-break-for-humor.html

The chi-square (or chi-squared) distribution is a right skewed distribution that starts at zero and just heads to positive infinity from

Oh pluto, we miss you too.

Lonely Pluto is forever alone. awww how sad. pluto will always be a planet to me


When you are sad, just remember: sometimes jumping spiders wear water droplets as hats.

Bahaaa - this would b a good prank!

I always threaten that if I had kids they'd be teenagers before they figured out that there wasn't really a monster under the bed that would eat them if the got up in the middle of the night.