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Fortune MAGAZINE calls the Rodan + Fields opportunity a "3-5 year retirement plan". They call it, "the best kept secret in the business world" AND Harvard Business School calls it a "Once in a lifetime opportunity." Can you see yourself retiring from your current job in 3-5 years? Is your job the best kept secret in the world?? Probably not. Is Harvard Business School writing about your job??? FINANCIAL EXPERTS are saying there is no such thing as job security anymore.

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Harvard business journal says this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join this fast growing business, and I completely agree. Rodan and Fields is going global and only 7% of the world has access to our life changing products.

As a busy RN and wife of a surgeon, Jena did not NEED the extra income... but she wanted to GIVE more and she wanted to be PRESENT in her 4 kids busy lives! Jena has a heart for and a calling to help Orphans! Listen in and learn WHY she said YES to Rodan + Fields and HOW this company is changing her & her family's life as well as the lives of SO MANY! Dial-in anytime #: 712-770-4009 / Access Code: 852700# There's a reason Harvard Business refers to this as an "Opportunity of a Lifetime"!

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Network marketing Another reason to try Rodan + Fields! Not only is it THE BEST skincare you can get without a prescription, it's an incredible business move.

"This (picture) is too funny! Had to share cause I tried to tell myself that I didn't have the *Time* to work a business when I first heard about Rodan+Fields. I quickly realized if my Dreams for my family were IMPORTANT to me.... I'd find a way!! #noexcuses" I'm so thankful I found time!!! For the first time in my life, I am actually doing exactly what it takes for my goals and dreams for my family to come to fruition!! Lets get it Team Chera Louise!!

I'm a true, blue skeptic!! won't find a bigger skeptic and I'm telling you, I promise to you this this opportunity with Rodan + Fields is going to change your life...and your skin!! I didn't see it coming even when I started. My life is crazy busy. I had no sales experience. I wasn't a tech savvy person. I didn't have a huge social network. Did I mention I was crazy busy?!?! but I decided to take the chance. I knew it came with a 60 day money back guarant

Saturated? Not even close!!!!!! US population: Over 318 Million Canadian Population: Over 35 Million Australian Population: Over 23 Million Rodan + Fields Consultants actively working the business and earning a paycheck: 43,000 This is the reality of this business...get in on this once in a lifetime opportunity NOW! It has been truly the best decision I never thought I'd make! Residual income and a 3-5 year retirement plan. YES, you can!