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@beachgirl112233 I'm sorry i can't respond to your message but I'm okay. I passed out for s while and woke up. Sorry if i scared you.i can't even do this right

Stand by your Car thread - Page 45

Stronger than i was <3 this is my song. Love you eminem <333333

Say fuck it before we kick the bucket

Best rapper alive! Blew my mind at Wembley, Dr Dre and Shady on the same stage!

Especially when I'm being bitched at by all the people in my class. No offence, sometimes truth hurts Eminem <3

I don't know but I love this guy. I love his music. He makes us laugh, think and cry. Admit it. He's a living legend. <3

Eminem!! Eminem Wembley... July 11th can not come quick enough SUPER EXCITED!!!