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1804 (Morning Dress - Full Dress) | LACMA Collections

Fashion Plate - Morning Dress and Full Dress from England, 1804 Los Angeles County Museum of Art “ Morning dress is basically the most plain type of dress a fashionable lady wore. Morning dress was.

Morning dress, fashion plate, hand-colored engraving on paper, published London, July 1801.

Morning dress, fashion plate, hand-colored engraving on paper, published London, July

Morning Dress and Evening Dress, June 1800, Fashions of London & Paris

1800 (June) Fashions of London & Paris, morning dress & evening dress

1800 March. London Full Dresses. Pale blue over bodice with black lace trimming and large furr muff. Royal blue tunic caught under bodice and interesting triangular ends with tassel and yellow necklace and fan. Fashions of London and Paris. suzilove.com

I like this over tunic/sash/belt-y thing. Adds something to a plain gown. London Full Dresses, March Fashions of London & Paris

Full Dresses, Fashions of London and Paris, June 1801

"The Egyptian dress made of white and buff-coloured muslin. The buff muslin forms a drapery which is fastened on the right shoulder with a clasp .

March 1812  Walking Dress.  A spencer of blue silk, with facings, collar, wings, and cuffs of plush to match. --A bonnet composed of silk and velvet, to agree in color with the spencer.--Feather, the same.    Evening Dress  An evening dress of pink silk, either flowered or plain, trimmed with crape of the same color, and ornamented with small white buttons.--Cap of velvet and lace, trimmed with footing and a flower.

The Lady's Magazine, March 1812 - Walking Dress. A spencer of blue silk, with…

Costume Parisien fashion plate, 1815

Dress of satin overlaid with crepe, with morning glory trim - from Costume Parisien fashion plate - 1815

1815 Evening Dress of Crimson Sarsnet, short sleeves of black velvet, slashed with crimson, black fringe round the neck and bottom of the gown, black silk cord round the waist; ends rather long, with tassels....This is considered a most elegant and becoming dress; and is admirably adapted for this season of the year; and there can be no doubt will be justly appreciated by all our leading belles of fashion.

Regency Era Fashion Plate - February 1815 Ladies' Monthly Museum The Mirror of Fashion for February, 1815 Evening Dress - Dress of Crim.

Costume Parisien, 1812,     From the Bibliothèque des Arts Décoratifs via SceneInThePast flickr.   plate 1217  "Chapeau orné de Lilas. Robe de Virginie"

Regency Dress of 'Virgine' and Hat Trimmed with Lilacs / Costume Parisien 1812