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Sol LeWitt, Successive Rows of Horizontal, Straight Lines from Top to Bottom, and Vertical, Straight Lines from Left to Right, 1972

ROBERT DUDLEY, EARL OF LEICESTER BORN: 1532 DIED: 4 SEPTEMBER 1588 4th son of John Dudley. First married to Amy Robsart, then to Lettice Knollys. A favorite of Elizabeth I

Nicholas Bacon (1510 1579). Brother in law to William Cecil. From 1558, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal under Elizabeth I. An implacable enemy of Mary Queen of Scots, objected to the proposal to marry her to Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk as this would have cemented her alliance with the Catholic faction in England. A staunch Protestant who, under Henry VIII, had made a fortune with the Dissolution of the Monasteries and had lost preferment under Mary I of England. Father of Sir Francis…

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