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Megafauna (Sample Image) by SameerPrehistorica


Gigantoraptor by Gonzalo Jara: “This reconstruction is based on a Cassowary (Casuarius sp.) and represents a male patrolling it’s territory. In the background there are two females. The two little pterosaurids are completely invented. “


The biggest dinosaurs ever discovered, Quo Magazine November 2014. Final infographic. Art by Román García Mora.

Thylacosmilus atrox by

Corythosaurus by Vlad Konstantinov #hadrosaur #paleoart

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Diamantinasaurus by Herschel-Hoffmeyer

Nemicolopterus is a genus of pterodactyloid pterosaur, described in 2008. The type and only known species is N. crypticus. It lived in the Jehol Biota 120 million years ago. Its wingspan of slightly under 25 cm (10 in) makes it smaller than all but a few specimens of hatchling pterosaurs. | Artist rendering illustration