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La familia dromaeosauridae

All Dromaeosaurid dinosaurs with enough fossil remains to be more or less confidently reconst.

Title: Mother Diplodocus Dinosaur Walks    Artist: Corey Ford    Medium: Digital Art - Illustration

Could you imagine the stench of a prehistoric Dinosaur fart? Well according to scientists Dinosaur farts where not only ripe, but they had a significant impact on climate change in the past.

Un Pez De Hace 500 Millones De Años Desvela El Origen De Las Mandibulas En Los Vertebrados

A tiny fossil fish may be close to the ancestor of all jawed vertebrates: Metaspriggina

Tetraclaenodon | Paleopix

Phenacodus was one of the "plain vanilla" mammals of the early Eocene epoch, a medium-sized.

Illustration for my book "Alla tiders Dinosaurier" (Dinosaurs of all ages)

Homotherium (extinct sabertooth) and Crocuta (spotted hyena) by Mauricio Anton

Homotherium (extinct sabertooth) and Crocuta (spotted hyena) by Mauricio Anton

Tarbosaurus bataar pourchasse  Saurolophus angustirostris. Auteur :  Durbed, 2012.

Tarbosaurus and Saurolophus by durbed - Tarbosaurus - Wikipedia

#JURASSICISLAND https://www.artstation.com/artwork/velociraptors

Velociraptors by Soufiane Idrassi. (via ArtStation - Velociraptors, Soufiane Idrassi)