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Georgian-era British townhouses came in four rates: first, second, third, and fourth (1, 2 and 4 shown here). First rate townhouses were the largest, the most expensive, and opened onto the most prominent streets - things progressed downwards from there. However, what rate a house a person lived in depended more upon income than social class: it was not unknown for wealthy merchants and professionals to live in the same kind of townhouse as an aristocrat who had one as a city residence.

It makes doing evaluations and providing therapy easier when the forms are organized. I am self employed, so sometimes it is hard for me to find and get forms that I like, so I make my own. Here are some forms that I have made and use. Therapy Paperwork Forms Evaluation Forms Documentation Forms Home Program Forms Therapy Activity Printables Scissor Cutting Templates Paper Folding Activities Pencil and Paper Activities Drawing flowers and cutting Caterpillar Building Animal Faces With ...

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