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Here is a lovely Vietnamese style of kimchi that I just LOVE! If you are a kimchi junkie like I am then make this recipe! Enjoy!

Hyatt Regency Indian Wells, California:

The lost viking ship. "A curious Indian legend implies that Vikings may have strayed as far south as Mexico. The Seri Indians of the Gulf of California's Tiburon Island still tell of the "Come-From-Afar-Men" who landed on the island in a "long boat with a head like a snake."

Native American rock painting close to Douglas, Wyoming, USA. One possible interpretation of this painting is: On the left side a group of United States Army soldiers with different insignia and on the right side Native Americans are shown

▶ Filipino recipes Pinoy Recipe Adobong Manok Sa Gata Chicken Adobo In Coconut Cream. This is the adobo of the Bicolan people of Luzon province in the Philippines and it is delicious!

These two recipes are Black Olive Pate' (nero patè d'oliva ') and Green Olive And Artichoke Pate' (verde oliva e carciofo pate ') These recipes are delicious and go well spread on meat of any kind as well as mixed in with pasta, noodles or rice. Fantastic on toasted bread and as a base on a bruschetta! The recipes are below. Enjoy!

Korean Food Kimchi Cucumber Kimch Oi Sobagi And Turnip Kimchi Ggakdughee Kimchi Recipes. These two Kimchi recipes are cooling and refreshing and packed with natural flavors. These are great vegetarian dishes but go great with grilled beef, chicken or pork! Enjoy!