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InterShelter Polar Dome - Micro Home - Emergency Shelter - Small Prefab Home

Small prefab home - Micro home - InterShelter 20 ft insulated Polar Dome - whimsical interior

The insulated InterShelter Polar Dome is a micro home designed to perform in the most extreme temperature situations. Makes a great emergency shelter.

US $ 138 - 198 / Квадратный метр

Replace Expandable Container House With Dome House - Buy Expandable Container House,Container House,Container Product on Alibaba.com

InterShelter Polar Dome - Micro Home - Emergency Shelter - Small Prefab Home

InterShelter 20ft Dome - ground flooring system

Small prefab home - Micro home - InterShelter 20 ft Dome with flooring system

InterShelter Polar Domes - Close to Home Housing

InterShelter Polar Dome Package - Close to Home Housing

I'm not putting this under DIY Projects because 95% of the folks seeing this would (or should) have this built for them. It will require a lot of work in an existing home. It isn't the best solution like an undergound shelter but it would provide protection through most strong storms and lesser grade tornados. "How to Build a Storm Shelter" is a Family Handyman article and a good project to call Mr. Handyman to build for you.

How to Build a Storm Shelter

How to Build a Storm Sheltera storm shelter is a super-strong safe room designed to withstand dangerous high winds, tornadoes and flying debris. Maybe with this, I'll be able to sleep at night during the summer storms!

Solar Electric Panels System - Living OFF-THE-GRID

Solar Electric Panels System - Living OFF-THE-GRID (I want a solar house! We have the technology for it and plenty of sun, at least in a goodly part of this country)

types of wells, where to put them, how to use them

water - supply - Homestead Water Sources and Options - Modern dug wells are lined with large, tubular concrete tiles to keep surface water and soil from contaminating the well water. Illustration by Elayne Sears. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

The Homestead Survival | Drilling a Water Well on Your Land: What You Should Know | http://thehomesteadsurvival.com

Drilling a water well on your land, what you should know. Whether you already own a homestead or are dreaming of owning a homestead and are planning on dr


How to Get Solar Panels For Your Home (For Free)

Residential solar power systems compare home energy,cost to purchase solar panels diy solar cell,diy solar system model home energy audit ct.

Dick van Hoff - mixer

Hand Mixer Good, Great, or just OK? Hand Mixer KitchenAid® Hand Mixer- Blue Ice 12 Creative Ways to Use A KitchenAid Mixer Human Powered Kitchen

The Four Essentials Of Off Grid Solar -Posted on May 27, 2010, by Ken Jorgustin

gonna need lots of these ~ also will need much, much larger systems (plus backup generators, wind power generators & water power generators) off-grid-solar-controller-batteries-inverter

What Is Papercrete? | Ultimate Building Material For Preppers, Homesteaders & Off Grid Living Enthusiasts By Survival Life http://survivallife.com/2014/06/27/what-is-papercrete/

What Is Papercrete

Papercrete is the ultimate building material for preppers, homesteaders, and off grid living enthusiasts. Not only is the building material incredibly inexpensive and Earth-friendly, it is also ext…

InterShelter 20ft Polar Dome Package - insulated dome

InterShelter Polar Dome - Micro Home - Emergency Shelter - Small Prefab Home