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Louis is just like dammnit Niall at least let me get the joke out first would ya?

Louis looks so proud of making Niall laugh in the second picture.


I think I'm turning into a Niall girl<<< I'm already a Niall girl boo boo lol

I was leaving my friends house once and my mom started talking to their mom for THREE HOURS

"Mom, I'm ti-" "I know Honey just a minute." *mom finishes conversation* "Okay let's go home." "Is that Miss Anna, hey girl!" "OH MY GOD MOM KILL ME NOW." <-- haha what kind of mom says hey girl?

This is me and i'm sure i've accidentally done it before and you probably have too

To people that walk slow: PLEASE STOP! Either get out of the way or just begin to walk like a human being and not a turtle. All of you who walk slow.


Most beautiful thing I've seen in my life is at a one direction concert during little things :) We shine brighter then the bloody sun, hell yeah

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I used to be a baker in Cheshire and that audition changed my life and you know I used to bake cakes and buns and.