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from Daily Geek Show

Proclamé chat le plus mignon d’Internet, le petit Lil Bub va vous faire fondre de tendresse

Lil Bub wants to tell you a secret - come closer!!

Lil Bub. The absolute sweetest cat in the world! I would love this kitten to death. Definitely worth looking up it's story...

Lil Bub doesn't approve of your outfit: I LOVE Lil' Bub!

Bub, get out of here, with your big eyes, pink tongue and obscene level of cuteness - just who do you think you are??

Move over Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub is here - World - DNA

from BuzzFeed

Which Celebrity Cat Should Be Your BFF?

Which Celebrity Cat Should Be Your BFF? You got: Lil Bub Lil Bub can’t really close her mouth, but that doesn’t get her down. She also has little stumpy legs, but that doesn’t get her down either! Sure she’s not great at running or jumping, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a swell time. Lil Bub is the ideal cat BFF if you just want to chill. You’re gonna have a whale of a time, taking selfies and just hanging out.

Lil Bub Cat That Loves To Poke Her Tongue Out