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11 Brilliant Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Quotes

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17 Dogs Who Can't Read

“I don’t care about words.” | 17 Dogs Who Don't Know How To Read Good

I suppose what has inspired me my entire life is words. Well-timed sentiments... poems... sentences carefully crafted to bring out an image or emotion, song lyrics. They all make me dream of bigger things. I planned to be a writer when I was young, and it still may happen. But blogging is a decent outlet for now. F. Scott Fitzgerald and EE Cummings are my favorites. Oh, and if you haven't read Mumford and Sons lyrics, run! Don't walk. They're the best!

this has nothing to do with David Byrne. It's about writing and it's good, but that was the only image on the page.

Grammar Nazi's? You mean saviors of the English language!!!! (I do this on dating sites. I don't care if you get pissed off and cuss me out, I'm not dating your retarded ass anyways!) :)

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