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Marines on the road, South Vietnamese natives walk the center lane. The Marines were on a reconnaissance mission west of the Da Nang

Can not imagine.

WWII - The D-Day Landings, U. troops wade ashore from a Coast Guard landing craft at Omaha Beach during the Normandy D-Day landings near Vierville sur Mer, France, on June (REUTERS/US National Archives)

Horst Faas

Addio a Horst Faas, il fotografo della guerra in Vietnam - Repubblica.it

Vietnam War : In this December 1965 file photo shot by Associated Press photographer Horst Faas, a U. Division soldier guards Route 7 as Vietnamese women and school children return home to the village of Xuan Dien from Ben Cat, Vietnam

En signe de protestation contre la ségrégation raciale, les deux athlètes Tommie Smith et John Carlo... - blogspot

14 photos historiques qui en disent long

Peter Norman, the white man in the photo is the 'third hero' that night in 1968

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Cyndie French pushes her son Derek Madsen up and down hallways in the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento before his bone marrow extraction. Renee C. Byer won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography.

Senior citizens on the front line: 106-year old Armenian woman packs her assault rifle for fear of attack by Muslim, Turkish-speaking militiamen, 1990. Her expression says she will use the weapon if need arises.

106 year old Armenian woman guards her home in southern Armenia in 1990

Party Like a Führer (2013)

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Hitler partying - kinda bizarre to see this man who was responsible for so much death, terror, pain, and suffering living it up like this. I've never seen this pic before

1972 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography "Lone Soldier, A Shau Valley" by David Hume Kennerly, April 27, 1971

1972 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography "Lone Soldier, A Shau Valley" by David Hume Kennerly, April 1971

Guerra Civil Española:  El fusilamiento de Cristo

“"Execution’ of Sacred Heart of Jesus at Cerro de los Ángeles nr Madrid.as authentic but published all round world”

1. ON GENDER EQUALITY:  “But the female mind has demonstrated a capacity for all the mental acquirements and achievements of men, and as generations ensue that capacity will be expanded; the average woman will be as well educated as the average man, and then better educated, for the dormant faculties of her brain will be stimulated to an activity that will be all the more intense and powerful because of centuries of repose. Woman will. The greatest geek lived was born 159 years ago today.

13 Nikola Tesla Quotes for His Birthday

Multiple exposure publicity photo of Nikola Tesla sitting in his Colorado Springs laboratory with his "Magnifying transmitter" generating millions of volts and producing 23 feet long arcs.