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Sorrows Swords

Our Lady of Seven Sorrows in the church of San Miguel in Valladolid, Spain I hope people learn the lesson to not cause pain and hurt to the heart of ones they should love from seeing this scary sign of a pierced mother's love. Time to heal past lives of violence to others.

Mater Dolorosa From the collection of the Laderas clan National Shrine of St. Anne Poblacion - Hagonoy, Bulacan For more information visit: Of Dolorosas & Santa Ana

Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary ...

Theotokos Seven Arrows/ “Softener of Evil Hearts”---Jesus our brother; Mary, our Mother, Jesus the King, his mother the Queen. Mary, Arch of the New Covenant, Jesus the new Adam, Mary the new Eve. An Angel, hailed her first, and the Father espoused her. Mary will always point to Jesus." My soul magnifies the Lord"...our God and our Savior.

Etain _ Celtic. A moon Goddess of fertility and all life. Married to the king of the underworld, she was jealously murdered by his first wife to be reborn and married again to the fertility god; finally then dividing her time between the two of them.