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Pinner states"50 years ago today - the world lost an Iconic Beauty. How…

This epitomizes bohemian to me. Saturated yet faded colors, worn fabrics, old furniture, all put together as if they were drug out of the attic and arranged by someone with more taste than money.

Nureyev's legs - holy crap! He must've had zero percent body fat.

Heart throb, Leonardo DiCaprio, plays the role as Cheshire in the Modern New York City Alice in Wonderland. Cheshire has his way of disappearing in the original Disney movie. In my version of the play, DiCaprio leaves at unexpected times in serious events. His fatal looks will leave the girls imprinted with his disappearances.

from Miss Fairchild's Charm School

Wise Words

Next to J.K. Rowling, she has to be my most favourite female idols, the sultry singing mistress herself, Miss Eartha Kitt, ~ "That's Miss Kitt to you" Talk about a woman with such a rich history, I would have loved to talk with her in person, but seeing her at Dimitriou's Jazz Alley in Seattle was unforgettable! To me, she's the epitome of sexy, sassy and elegant all at the same time.

{this is glamorous} : adventures in love, design, fashion, home decor, food and travel: {great love stories № 06 | audrey hepburn & robert w...

4th Anniversary - FRUIT - Plant an apple tree (or any other fruit) in your garden together and watch it grow over the years like your marriage does!

This is the epitome of my favorite type of flow pastime. I love to lose track of time with a good book. This appeals to my mastery and purpose as it grounds me and urges my mind to expand.