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Thumbs up to the person who made this.  I want these dolls!

Funny pictures about It's complicated Merida. Oh, and cool pics about It's complicated Merida. Also, It's complicated Merida.

i hate you…

i hate you…

Dumb But Entertaining Questions

Funny pictures about Dumb But Entertaining Questions. Oh, and cool pics about Dumb But Entertaining Questions. Also, Dumb But Entertaining Questions photos.

You can’t resist a good pun. | Community Post: 25 Signs You're Definitely Cam From "Modern Family"

I got Cameron Tucker! Are You More Phil Dunphy Or Cameron Tucker From "Modern Family"?

You my friend are a good boyfriend to some very lucky girl on her period.

21 People Who Are Definitely Marriage Material

Best boyfriend EVER! All men should take note! My boyfriend would totally do this for me :)

brian regan quotes | Brian Regan.  This guy is usually, clean funny! We enjoy!

Funny pictures about Adults living at home. Oh, and cool pics about Adults living at home. Also, Adults living at home.



I thought that was the Doctor in the background for a second.

omgswagyolo: when you’re ready to go out and your plans get cancelled

Never Help a Traitor

I really hate these coloring books. They have NOT seen the movie, if the don't realize Hans is the fucking villain. This does not help our kids.