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Drastic Moose die-off could be fault of climate change. And hunting permits are still being given to hunt them....?? Why?

from The Huffington Post

The Hunt for Malaria: It Takes a Village to Stop a Deadly Disease

The road to Nega Nega is lined with sugarcane, and the air smells like molasses. In this sweet-smelling village in southern Zambia, a remarkable thing...

This has to stop. We're executing wild animals because we've encroached on their territory and they wander into "our" space. The balance of nature is so very fragile.

Claathre isn't naive anymore. The Demons aren't evil like the Angel's led her to believe. If anything, it is the Angels that are the bad ones. Humans....they are just mindless parasites.

Pearls are the most valuable of all organic gemstones, and have been prized for 6000 years. Pearls chemical makeup varies by region and environmental factors, but the basic formula is CaCO3. Pearls form through irritants entering specific species of mollusks (oysters, clams, muscles, etc), while the irritant can be a grain of sand or a parasite, the process is the same for pearls. The irritant is coated in CaCO3(mother of pearl) to make it less irritating to the mollusk. (...)