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3rd Century Roman sarcophagus of Sidamara at Archaeology Museum of Konya. Sidamara was an ancient city in Asia Minor, now in the province of Konya in Turkey, on the road between Karaman and Eregli. The sarcophagi of the type Sidamara in Roman sarcophagi were figured to architectural framework in which the figures are separated by carved columns and placed in small kiosks depicted in the background. Preserved in the Museum of Archeology in Istanbul.

During the Early Bronze Age in Central Anatolia (Turkey) 3000–2000 BCE, a number of nonliterate, discrete cultures existed; one created this spectacular pair of long-horned bulls, cast separately of arsenical copper, held together by extensions of their front and back legs, bent around the plinth. Proximity to natural copper deposits is one key to their existence. Their skill is unprecedented, as they had little contact with urban Mesopotamia.