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Russian Embassy: Obama Sanctions Attempt to Restart Cold War He is a POS

Trump Campaign Manager: Democrats Need To Tell ‘Paid,’ Violent Protesters to STOP

Not against immigration. Against ILLEGAL immigration. Come in the front door by knocking.... Not sneaking in the back window.

OBAMA: ‘I AM WORRIED ABOUT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY’:"You want the Republican nominee to be somebody who could do the job if they win.” (This is coming from the one President that did everything wrong!)

The Associated Press Found Just ONE Republican Elector Who Won?t Vote For Trump on Monday

GLENN BECK BLASTS CONSERVATIVE CRITICS AS ‘PROGRESSIVES ON THE RIGHT’: Says Facebook leans left because conservatives don't use social media.

4/13/2016 Colorado Republicans Passed Around “Resolution to Deny Trump Delegates”Back on March 22. (MUST READ Completely:"A Resolution To Forbid Colorado Delegates From Voting For Trump" Robert Zubin alternate delegate wrote,IS A RNC twisted LIE,Accuses Trump of everything,Trump says re: Politicians & Lobbyists do.Then twists everything he says as un-American.Basically every action,that Dems/RNC Elites has done/& do,along with the Media,he accuses Trump of.This sounds more like a Soros hit…