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Stand The Wall: Report: Obama Lied About Bin Laden Raid

U.N. Security Council Accuses Obama of War Crimes; U.S. Media Silent (Videos) - The Last Great Stand

from The Huffington Post

You're Appointing Who? Please Obama, Say It's Not So!

pp Obama signs 'Monsanto Protection Act' written by Monsanto-sponsored senator -- BAD NEWS! "He who controls the food,controls the people."- Henry Kissinger

Ladies and gents, here is the finest example of logic-disconnect I have ever seen. It's so breath-takingly dumb that it's almost funny. Almost.

MAN BEHIND BREXIT ISSUES WARNING FOR AMERICA Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage breaks down the dire importance of America's upcoming presidential election

We now have proof of Clintons scandals but the leftist MSM is hiding it and playing up unfounded claims against Trump.

Let it be known tho the world, the US government does not represent the will of the American people.

Dedicated to war-mongering, rabidly racist, innately ignorant, gloriously oblivious, dumber than paste neo-cons.

I believe in President Obama.