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moon-of-the-summerclan: ilovemattbrown: I think I can count his teeth I LOVE seeing these two together…they get so excited…you can’t help but get excited to…LOVE Kenny I know! They both grin from ear to ear the whole time!

Matt Brown

Alaskan Bush People Fanclub

Alaskan bush people - The Brown's. ( I like this family, their awesome 🙂)

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Alaskan Bush People Fanclub

Alaskan Bush People - alaskanbushpeoplefanclub

Bam holding Rainy's hand. Fishing with Snowbird, Bear, Gabe and Matt.

Bam Bam & Rainy in front , creek street Ketchikan, Birdy , Gabe & Matt Brown Alaskan Bush People

Discovery Channel's Alaskan Bush People

Think you belong in the Alaskan bush? Take this personality quiz to discover which Brown sibling from Discovery's Alaskan Bush People you are!