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{ Style Snapshot } The tribal patterns and designs inspired by the indigenous super trend of this season can be found scattered throughout our 2015 spring collection. If you're a little unsure on how to incorporate the look into your own personal style, start by looking for shapes and textures that add subtle tribal accents to your outfit - just like we've done on our model here.

{ Style Snapshot } The combination of black and silver is easily one of the most popular - presumably because of their seemingly endless versatility. These two neutrals work flawlessly with any color. However, it is still important to pay attention to the style of the accessories you're combining, to avoid a chaotic, unbalanced look.

{ Style Snapshot } Stacking and layering accessories gives you the opportunity to mix-and-match to your heart's content and create a unique look that's completely yours. To pull the pieces together, look for features, textures, and styles that each accessory shares. In this look, we used the suede accents in each piece to pull the style together. The soft flannel texture of the model's shirt was the perfect backdrop for it, too.

A leather jacket is the perfect piece of clothing to complement the natural, texture-heavy trends of this season. Here, we've combined natural stone pieces, suede and leather accents, and nature-inspired charms for a rustic, earthy look.

{ Style Snapshot } We have been watching as the textures introduced during the fall begin rolling over into the spring season. Keep your eye out for crocheted tops, leather, and suede as the new spring styles start to arrive in your favorite stores.

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