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France labour reforms: Protests as government pass bill

France’s economy grew at the fastest rate in four years with annual growth being recorded at provisional figures released on Friday show.

Claims that 80 per cent of laws adopted in the EU Member States originate in Brussels actually tell us very little about the impact of EU policy-making. | EUROPP

Independence campaigners in both Scotland and Catalonia have advocated retaining their EU membership post-independence. Merijn Chamon and Guillaume Van der Loo assess the legal basis on which subna…

UK unemployment drops amid cooling labour market

UK joblessness fell to its lowest rate in 11 years in the third quarter, but there are indications that the labour market is slowing down in the wake of Brexit.

Employers: How to overcome the A player shortage in the labour market

Barclaycard offering customers the chance to view credit rating

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ITV staff consider strike over ‘miserly’ pay rise offer - Read more here

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What exactly is cultural intelligence, how to measure it, and why should career professionals care?

Labour fiscal rules to allow more borrowing

Shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, has un veiled a new set of fiscal rules which would allow a Labour government to borrow more for investment projects it deemed favourable.

In the week Labour has appeared to take a tougher approach to immigration, Professor Bale explains in a column for the New Statesman that “Ed Miliband can avoid a damaging split between his party's ‘beer drinkers’ and ‘wine drinkers’ on immigration, if he doesn't just rely on economic arguments”. http://www.qmul.ac.uk/media/news/items/hss/143457.html

Ed Miliband can avoid a damaging split between his party's "beer drinkers" and "wine drinkers" on immigration, if he doesn't just rely on economic arguments.

70 million people attend sporting events in the UK this year

The human rights group, Amnesty International, has accused Qatar of using forced labour at a flagship World Cup 2022 stadium.