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Jane Radstrom

Jane Radstrom first studied drawing and painting at Watts Atelier California. The methods practiced in atelier schools are based on meticulous renaissance traditions of masterful realism. She then attended Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL, earning a BFA in Illustration. Illustration is all about bringing ideas to life – it is art created to clearly convey specific meaning. Now, she create works which she considers to be contemporary realism out of my studio in Austin, TX…

Sudden Words, Suddenly Gone

"Self-Portrait", capturing inked water in movement by photograph Chinichi Maruyama, 2006

“Time isn't made of anything. It is an abstraction. Just a meaning that we impose upon motion.” Anne Carson

time tunnel | Photographic Print

The afternoon is busy for Kai. She is an activist. On sundays it is usually the time for a book, but during the weekdays its much different. Kai is involved in 50+ different environmentalist programs. She takes part in protests and does everything she can to promote goodness and peace. Also, the afternoon is typically the time she gets whisked away to a different time period or place in order to help someone. Pictured above is the warp she goes through.

Dripping Paint with Pollock

Jackson Pollock - paint splashing is a great fun way for the children to make marks on a large scale surface. It looks fabulous on a plain white bed sheet and can be easy displayed in your setting.