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Samsung “The Safety Truck” Great idea! In Argentina, almost one person dies in a traffic accident PER HOUR! Those are some scary statistics. But thanks to Korean tech-giant, Samsung, and this ‘Safety Truck’, that could be a thing of the past...

"Until they can defend themselves, we will do it for them." Sea Shepards Bucket list: get involved in the frontline protection of dolphins and whales. I cannot comprehend how we continue to allow whales to be hunted and killed for "scientific purposes" The beauty of these creatures is worth fighting for

Desert miracle: Engineers get water from the air to serve the water needs of hundreds of families per month. And they do it with a billboard.

In celebration of London 2012 Passion Pictures is pleased to release the full length version of Pete Candeland's majestic trailer for the BBC's Olympic coverage 'Stadium UK'!

Jeeps are pretty popular in Argentina, however, owners don’t really take them outside the city. So, to promote freedom, discovery, adventure and LIFE – Jeep created a GPS add-on app that will help the driver get “lost” on one of 28 off-roading spots past the city limits.

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