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For this project, I decided to research posters as I came up with the idea of creating a poster to advertise for an event (local market) I really like the colours and shapes used.

Check this website out! It gives a lot of information about psychosis including who can help you, frequently asked questions, as well as some personal stories! This website also offers some advice for friends and family so if you wanted to pass it along to some loved ones, that may be a great idea too! I know you are in recovery but it still helps to learn new things and hear about other individuals who have the same disorder!

They Live - movie poster I like this movie poster because it is attention-grabbing as it is a 3 colour base. Its black and white to add an cool effect to the skeleton woman and a neon blue to make the eyes, the teeth and the movie title pop out. i don't like the position that the woman is in because it doesn't compliment her very well.

Bob Staake illustrates a brick wall for The New Yorker’s election reaction issue.

This poster is so cool! I love any design that uses a picture to modify another to make it more interesting. What this poster also does well is it blends the city and the mans head really well and even the colors are very similar making the poster that much better.

GOOD EXAMPLE From what I've gather this piece has a creative feature of displaying the location of the gallery while mimicking the artist medium that you can expect to see when you attend this exhibition gallery. However I should have liked to see more text in that empty space that reinforces this concept without a viewer speculating at what the design is.