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Crocodile at buddhist temple on coast of Thailand.

from Mail Online

Adorable odd couple: Chimp's maternal instincts awakened as she feeds milk to a baby tiger

This photo reveals the close bond that has formed between a two-year-old chimpanzee named Do Do and a two-month-old tiger cub named Aorn.

Popinjay - Stibochiona nicea - Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh, India, via Flickr.

The brilliant Banded Pitta at Khao Nor Chuchi in Southern Thailand by Roger Wyatt.

from Slow Vegan Travel Blog

8 Responsible Alternatives to the Tiger Temple in Thailand

8 Must See Responsible Attractions in Thailand

Elephant Safari Park Lodge, Bali, Indonesia. This was incredible! Such beautiful, and human like animals.

from Mail Online

One man and his tiger! Buddhist cuddles up to deadly big cat... one of a HUNDRED raised by the monks from cubs

Cuddling up: In this remarkable photograph, an adult tiger and a Buddhist monk embrace in a seemingly mutual display of affection

from A Dangerous Business Travel Blog

Volunteering at Elephant Nature Park: What's It Like?

Volunteering at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand

from the Guardian

Today's mystery bird for you to identify

This mystery bird is from Thailand. From where does it get its brilliant colours? (Is it Thai-dyed?)

Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand - a haven for elephants rescued from abusive situations. If you are interested in ethical travel, you may wish to research the elephant situation in Thailand before deciding to ride one.